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Rock Manager

Rock Manager is a serious game that provides a simulated training environment for training the Purchase to Pay process. The steps in the Purchase to Pay Process are:

Purchase to Pay Process

  1. Create SAP Requisition - a request to purchase goods or services is created
  2. Approve SAP Requisition - the requisition is approved by the budget holder
  3. Create SAP Purchase Order - a purchase order is created and issued to the vendor
  4. The vendor suppliers the goods/services
  5. Create SAP Goods Receipt - a goods receipt is created to confirm receipt of the goods/services
  6. Pay Vendor - the vendor is paid according to payment terms.

Note: In Rock Manager the vendor's payment terms are COD.

Rock Manager Login

To logon type the following - username: client, password: rm2010client. Use a laptop/desktop to the play the game since Adobe Flash doesn't run on iPhones and iPads.

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